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Oriental Industry Co., Ltd is a professional fabrication group established in 1986 in Shenzhen, China bordering Hong Kong. With excellence in metalworking and business strategies in both domestic and international markets, it has invested 5 factories and 2 marketing offices in the UK and USA. We have been serving manufacturing industry

worldwide by manufacturing and supplying most competitive quality parts from standard components such as fasteners to customer-designed parts, assemblies or complete machinery. Our core business includes high quality retaining rings, precision machining of cavity of telecom products and OEM machinery fabrication.

The modern factory complex
Custom from Europe is visiting our factory

    Facilities and branches in the Group

 Fastener Factory

The retaining rings and stamped parts factory

 Precision processing

The CNC machined parts factory and OEM provider

 Special Hardware

The small turning parts factory

 Sheet Metal Factory

The sheet metal works factory

 Rivet Nut Factory The Invert & Rivet nuts factory

 UK office

The sales branch in Europe

 USA office

The marketing branch in North America

  Oriental Industry Co., Ltd.
  1503,Nanguang Jiejia Building,Shen Nan Zhong Road 3037,Shenzhen, P. R. China
  Postal code: 518055
  Tel: +86 (0)755 2673 6286, 2662 5751
  Fax: +86 (0) 755 2673 6278

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