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Hose Clamp

 Hose Clamps 

We produce wide range of the galvanized and stainless steel hose clamps of Germany type, American type, and British type. According to the requirement of customers, other specifications and material are also available.

Our products are made by excellent steel material with advantages as skillful technique, strict test, safety, reliability, root-proof force, strong fastening force and excellent endurance.

Hose clamps are used in the connection part of oil, gas or liquid pipes of auto, tractor, ship, gasoline engine, diesel engine, and sprinkler machine. They are the necessary connection parts for various rubber pipes.


  Germany type hose clamp: (9mm bandwidthband thickness 0.7mm)  (12 mm bandwidthband thickness 0.8mm)

  America type hose clamp: (8mm/12.7mm/15.8mm bandwidth, band thickness 0.6mm/0.8mm) (Free torque 0.8Nm / Break torque 5-8 Nm)

  English type hose clamp:  (9.7mm / 11.7mm bandwidth, band thickness 0.8mm) (Free torque 1.4Nm / Break torque 4.0Nm)



Packaging & Delivery

On request


Hose clamps, DIN3017, Schlauchschellen, Constant Tension clamp, T-Spring clamp, T-bolt clamp Unitary clamp, Double bolts and double bands super clamp, Heavy duty clamp with single bolt, V-band clamp, Quick release hose clamp with 9mm bandwidth, Double ears hose clamp, Single ear hose clamp, Double wires hose clamp, No-hub coupling.








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